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Empower your Wellness Journey with Nutruebay!

Nutruebay is a wellness consultant based in Wilmington, De. My mission is to empower individuals like you to achieve optimal wellness through nutrition guidance and support. Whether you are looking to improve your diet, manage stress, or enhance your overall well-being.


Nutrition Coaching

Stress Management

Wellness Workship

My nutrition coaching program is designed to help you optimize your diet and achive your helth goals.

My stress management services offer practical strategies to help you effectively manage and reduce stress in your life.

Join my wellness workship to learn valuable skills and knoeledge on various aspects of wellness, from mindfuness to healthy habits.

Little bit about me!

My name is Beata or if easier just Be,

 I own a small Health and Wellness business based in Wilmington, Delaware since 2021 called Nutruebay, LLC

  As a coach of healthy lifestyle I provide guidance, advice, and support to my clients as well as help them to build lasting habits that allow them to live a healthier life, and EAT BETTER becomes easier, consistent and automatic. I work with everyone who needs my help but I really enjoy and love to work with seniors. I have worked full time with residents suffering from dementia or memory loss related issues and I learned how important it was for them to stay connected to people, have fun, laugh and feel well. Wellness activities and nutrition are perfect ways to show others that we care about their wellbeing. Working with elderly people I developed experiences and helped them not only get back on track with nutrition related issues but also with disorders like diabetes, blood pressure, inflammation and other immune disorders to make them suffer less.                     

But let me introduce myself a bit farther… 

I grew up in Poland where I studied and completed my education in chemistry before making my way to the US.  

Living in Poland, I was able to travel a lot and experienced many cultures along of foods and diets. These experiences fueled my passion about nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. I love to chat with friends about food. I’m known for my passion for clean eating, including natural and organic foods, and creating a non-toxic environment. Being asked by friends to help them change their diet and lifestyle fueled my passion. I decided to further educate myself and get certified as a Master Nutrition and Wellness Coach which allows me to maximize success so my clients can reach their goals and experience life changing results.  

I love to work with seniors and I’m enjoying developing friendships and mingling with like-minded peers. 

I cook with my clients or for my clients and prepare a healthy meal they can enjoy and help them to achieve a balanced lifestyle which leads to happier lives. 

To get back on track with nutrition related issues can take some time, but in many cases a little thing or change in daily routine can make a huge difference in our lives. It only takes a small step. Let’s get started!  



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Nutruebay, LLC

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